The skill set we can bring to bear on your custom project is staggering.

Aluminum welding, stainless steel tig welding, design and lay-out, CAD . . . it all takes place in house.

For the rare times we can't do it, we have a go to list of sub-contractors for powdercoating, laser and water-jet, engineering, machining . . . you don't have to worry about it, we'll look after everything.


Cad programming and cutting 

Custom design & in house CAD programming

At Four Bees we have the ability to create CAD files and help you with your design. From house address number to custom signage, or even trees cut out of 1" thick plate steel, advances in technology mean not even your imagination is the limit.


Stainless steel handrail

Round, square, rectangular

We've made hundreds of feet of handrail. Residential and commercial, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, with or without glass - you can tell us how you want it made and we'll make it!



Commercial & residential application

Stainless steel counter tops, cabinets, shelving, wall cladding, corner guards . . . you name it. If it can be made, it can be made out of stainless steel, and that is our speciality.

When most things you make are one of a kind, it can be hard to show people what you do.


Stainless steel counter tops and handrails, stainless steel backsplash, stainless steel corner guards . . . sure, we do a lot of stainless steel, but we work with all metals. We are happy to make one of something, or a hundred, or even a thousand. Flexibility and diversity are just a couple of our strengths. Engineered and architectural drawings are fine by us, but so are rough hand sketches. We understand that sometimes your project begins with just a concept, and we can help it become a reality.


aluminum toolboxes

Equipping your vehicles for work

You need to work, and we can help. From toolboxes and fenders to steps and racks, we can help make your job easier.

commercial kitchen CANOPY

Stainless steel kitchen equipment

We have supplied hundreds of restaurants  with NFPA hoods - complete with stainless steel ULC filters & grease can. Along with the tables, sinks, wall cladding, and various other food service equipment fabricated for those restaurants, thats a lot of stainless steel!


right equipment,



At Four Bees we work with a wide variety of materials. From 22 gauge sheet up to 1/4" steel plate, we stock stainless steel, aluminum, hot roll and cold roll steel, galvanized, satincoat, copper and brass.

In structural and HSS, we keep stock on round and square tube, angle iron, flat stock, pipe and "C" channel.

Being a custom fabricator, we also stock many specialty items like bar grate, grip strut, uni-strut,  perforated stainless steel sheet . . . not to mention we know where to get most anything else you may need.


Mobile catering & Food Trucks

Four Bees has fabricated stainless steel canopys, countertops, display racks, stainless steel sinks, racks and trim - even installed exhaust fans and duct in mobile catering trailers and food trucks.

- commercial canopy Fabrication



cocktail stations

cladding & flashing


trade show display

rolling / forming

​custom fabrication

if we can't do it, you don't need it!

custom metal manufacturing